Prenatal Nutrition

Nourishment is more than consuming a daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals; it is an awareness of how we prepare, eat, and digest our food, of how we feel about our physical and emotional selves, if there are chemicals in the food we eat and how these affect the health of us and our babies, and the health of our environment. Pregnancy is a time to connect with the deep well of wisdom within; an opportunity to gather insight from all women who came before us. It is an empowering and beautiful experience like no other.

 Optimal nutrition before and during pregnancy can set a strong foundation of health, immunity, and intelligence for your baby that will benefit them throughout life. It is up to us, as mothers, to decide how we nourish and prepare the sacred space- the womb- for our babies; nourishing not only with unrefined, wholesome foods and healing herbs, but also being kind and loving to our bodies and minds. Apart from the proof of traditional cultures having generation after generation of healthy and robust children, today’s scientific studies have also proven that nutrition is key in preventing fetal deformities.

 In our society, the mainstream idea of pregnancy has been associated with pain, nausea, and other discomforts. A well-nourished woman is less likely to experience these discomforts, which have been linked to nutrient deficiencies, giving her a greater chance of enjoying pregnancy as a transformational experience, free of unnecessary pain and full of joy.

 Good nutrition during the postpartum period is also vital; It will support and enrich your milk supply, should you decide to breastfeed your baby, and will help speed recovery and bring your hormones back to balance.

The Pillars of Nutrition for Fertility

Organ meats

Herbal Infusions

Fermented and Sprouted foods

Bone Broth from pastured animal bones

Wild Seafood

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Pastured Dairy and Animal products

Ocean Vegetables

Fresh, Local Fruits and Vegetables

…And of course, a positive outlook. Express gratitude for the many blessings that are already in your life. Make each breath count, allowing it to fill your body and enrich the blood that will soon nourish your baby.

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