Postpartum Care Packages

The healing period after childbirth is a vastly overlooked rite of passage for a woman. It is a time of great transitions, physical and emotional. This ebb and flow of constant change and adjustment require support, a “village” of wise women and healing foods–a custom that has been largely forgotten in the Western world. The return of time-honored postpartum healing methods is needed now more than ever, as the lack of support for new mothers is directly linked to the current rise in postpartum depression, low milk supply, nutrient deficiencies, and illness. We must look to the wisdom of traditional cultures for guidance, and embrace the abundance of nourishing herbs and nutrient-dense foods that can elevate recovery.

A mother’s long term physical and mental wellness are greatly affected by the first few months postpartum, during which she is most prone to deficiencies and must adapt to an influx of hormones, emotions, new sleeping patterns, and great responsibilities. Wise cultures honor a new mother with healing herbs and nourishing foods, those that will balance her hormones, enrich her milk supply, support her immune system, and encourage physical recovery. So much of this information, our primal intuition, is already within us- we have just lost it on our journey of becoming modernized. By embracing both ancient and modern knowledge, we have the power to reach our fullest potential by creating happy and healthy babies and families.  

With lovingly-prepared wholesome & delicious foods by Fertile Ground Kitchen, you can honor a new mother, giving her the space to heal and embrace motherhood.

boost milk supply

balance hormones

fortify mama’s milk with nutrients for her baby’s development

de-stress with natural nervines

support physical recovery and wound healing

calorie-dense snacks to promote energy

less time in the kitchen=more time to heal and bond with the baby!

Our packages can be shaped according to your needs. Whether you are seeking gut-healing bone broths or nourishing meals for the whole family, it is our purpose and pleasure to fulfill these needs. A few of our offerings include:

  • pastured bone broths infused with medicinal herbs
  • nourishing stews made with bone broth, pastured meats, and organic vegetables
  • lacto-fermented vegetables
  • low-glycemic snacks made from nuts and seeds
  • herbal infusion blends
  • We use organic ingredients, free of artificial sweeteners and colorings, pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs, and gluten. We strive to source our food locally whenever possible. All animal products are organic, pasture-raised, and local

A postpartum care package is the perfect gift for a baby shower. You are not only giving a mother nourishing foods- you are also giving her an opportunity to heal and bond with her baby, as she will be spending less time in the kitchen.  

A mother’s postpartum care package will be delivered to her doorstep after the baby arrives.


***Save your mama a trip to the farmer’s market with our selection of local eggs and dairy in our add-on list below. A further selection of local, raw dairy products are available upon request***

The Complete package -$250

4 quarts of bone broth- your choice of chicken, beef, or pork. Learn more about each one here

Prepared Soups/Stews- 4 quarts- you choose 1-2 varieties

  • Harvest Chicken Soup- prepared with chicken bone broth
  • Rustic Beef Stew- prepared with anti-inflammatory pork bone broth
  • Beef and Beet Borsht- prepared with beef bone broth (rich in iron, which is essential for replenishing blood stores after labor)
  • Thai Coconut Carrot Soup (pureed)- with chicken bone broth

Crustless Quiche with Kale and Grass-fed Aged Cheddar

Green Goddess Juice (2 pints)- celery, dandelion greens, parsley, lemon, ginger

Postpartum Healing Brew (3 oz package of loose leaf herbs)

Grain-free Almond-Walnut Chocolate Muffins- 1/2 dozen (can be made with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds if preferred)

Calendula-Comfrey Balm- nourishment for sore nipples and baby bottoms (4 oz jar)

***Care Packages are delivered in an insulated bag***

Add-on items:

One dozen Local pastured eggs- $6

Pastured Ghee with anti-inflammatory spices (16 oz)- $12

Traditionally Fermented pickles- (quart jar)- $10




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