FGK Bone Broths

Fertile Ground Kitchen bone broths are prepared traditionally: with bones from healthy pastured animals, medicinal herbs and vegetables, and of course, time. Real traditional foods cannot be rushed. Unfortunately, we live in a culture in which convenience is largely preferred over quality. The nutritional difference is obvious, but the other aspect that truly separates healthy food from unhealthy food is energy. Food that is prepared with care and attention to quality ingredients, including the care required to raise healthy, happy animals, is nourishing for the body, mind, and spirit.

Our broths are simmered low and slow: beef bones for 36 hours, chicken and pork for 24 hours. The cuts with the most collagen, like pig trotters, chicken feet, and knuckle bones, are always in the mix to guarantee the full spectrum of minerals and amino acids.

To maintain the integrity of the broth and prevent leaching of toxic chemicals into the broth, our broths are only stored in glass jars. If you would like to freeze the broth, transfer 1 cup broth from the jar into a separate container and then freeze. This should prevent your jars from bursting in the freezer.

Quart (in glass): $15


Herbal Chicken Bone Broth

ingredients: pastured chicken bones and feet, kombu seaweed, astragalus root, ginger root, turmeric root, apple cider vinegar

Chicken bone broth is the easiest to digest of bone broths, making it a great choice for those with sensitive bellies and for recovery. It is especially healing for mothers in the first few weeks postpartum, when it is important to eat warming foods that aid in healing. Astragalus root is widely used in Chinese medicine to support the immune system and strengthen the heart. Ginger and turmeric boost circulation and digestion. Kombu, a seaweed, strengthens the kidneys, supports the thyroid- which helps balance hormones, and is rich in minerals.


Beef Bone Broth with medicinal mushrooms

ingredients: pastured beef bones, assorted medicinal mushrooms (chaga, maitake, crimini, shiitake, and reishi), onion, apple cider vinegar

Mineral-rich beef bone broth is a reliable tonic prized by many healers and acupuncturists, and for good reason. It warms from the inside out, strengthening the stomach, spleen, bones, and tendons. The precious marrow supports the immune system, as it helps form red and white blood cells. This special broth is infused with medicinal mushrooms to further boost its healing potential. The antioxidant and antiviral compounds in these mushrooms can prevent and heal both mild and chronic illness.

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Pastured Pork Bone Broth with spices

ingredients: pastured pork bones and feet, cumin seed, black peppercorns, garlic, onion, apple cider vinegar

In traditional Chinese thought, the pig is associated with the earth, fertility, and virility. Pork, especially in the form of collagen-rich broth, is used medicinally to heal internal dryness, which can manifest as skin irritations, constipation, low milk supply in breastfeeding mothers, excess thirst, dry eyes, and heartburn. It can even be considered a beauty tonic, promoting glowing skin and hair, while preventing wrinkles. Cumin and garlic infuse the broth for added immune support. Cumin seed is also known to strengthen milk supply in nursing mothers.

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